Tony G challenges Phil Hellmuth to €1 million+ poker battle

Tony G challenged Phil Hellmuth to €1 million battle of the Superstars while wearing a blue baby outfit and appearing to having enjoyed a beverage or 3. The Tony G v Phil Hellmuth €1 million+ Challenge is very unlikely to happen but it is good to see that Tony G has still got the fire in his belly, as well as a few drinks.

The offer to step inside and sort it out happened during the World Poker Tour Malta where Phil Hellmuth certainly got publicity if not for all the right reasons but mostly Phil Hellmuth reasons. For the WPT Malta Phil Hellmuth turned up 6 levels late for Day 1a while wearing a pink baseball cap and busted almost immediately.

Tony G Phil Hellmuth million euro challenge poker heads up HU game battle WPT Malta
Tony G and Phil Hellmuth million euro challenge

This is not the first time that Hellmuth has been challenged or challenged someone else and then not played the challenge. You can see below in one of the greatest videos of Phil Hellmuth that defines the Poker Brat side of his poker character


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