US InterState Poker Networks

US InterState Poker Networks appear to be the long term vision for USA online poker players after the poker news released today, by a very confident State Senator Raymond Lesniak, that he expects online poker legislation to be approved this month for the State of New jersey.

What is interesting in his interview PokerNews Internet Gaming Legislation in New Jersey Expected by September is that Raymond Lesniak actually sees not only an exclusive New jersey online poker network (intrastate) by September this year but, eventually, a poker network built on the framework of New Jersey by a number of States (interstate).

Lesniak now expects New Jersey to form compacts with other states to create a larger pool of players … “It would be a lot easier for most other states to have a compact with us and do a profit-sharing agreement. Market share is very important in this business, and that’s why it’s important to be there first.”

“When a federal bill passes, I think it will just open it up nationwide and, because of our marketing share and agreements with other states, we’ll be in position to take advantage.”

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US InterState poker networks

US interstate poker Compacts

For those of us not familiar with US legal jargon, it seems that a compact is a legal agreement between States. Below is the interstate compact info from Wikipedia.

An interstate compact is an agreement between two or more states of the United States of America. Article I, Section 10 of the United States Constitution provides that “no state shall enter into an agreement or compact with another state” without the consent of Congress. Frequently, these agreements create a new governmental agency which is responsible for administering or improving some shared resource such as a seaport or public transportation infrastructure. In some cases, a compact serves simply as a coordination mechanism between independent authorities in the member states.

How many US poker compacts will there be? Will states be badly advised as to which interstate poker network they should join – similar to the many poker start up sites who joined the wrong networks? A classic example of sites being badly advised was the poker site, named after TheSalmon (Eric Sagstrom) who obviously had zero input into which poker network it was on.

TheSalmon was one of the most famous early online poker players who reinvented Heads Up Fixed Limit Holdem play and in the process won himself millions playing on LadbrokesPoker. A couple of years later when he had moved on from Ladbrokes, the site was created. With the idea that he was the marketing face of it and would very occasional play a few games on it. Unfortunately they chose the old Boss Media network where you could not play HU FL games!


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