The Venetian Las Vegas robbery

The Venetian Resort Casino in Las Vegas was robbed on the very quiet this month when $1.6 million in Venetian high value chips were stolen. Police reports are looking for Akingide Cole who is believed to be the robber according to the abc News report on the heist.

Police didn’t disclose exactly how the theft occurred, but they said no weapon was involved, and the man didn’t confront anyone during the incident, which happened about 6 a.m. on Oct. 10

akingide cole venetian robbery 2012 robber las vegas

Although the Venetian robber managed to sneak his way in and out to a $1.6 million in chips the Venetian are suggested that their street value will be much less.

“In any of these thefts of chips, it’s very difficult to cash these in,” said Nevada Gaming Control Board Chief of Enforcement Jerry Markling. “Licensees generally know who their customers are.”

Because of internal protocol that would flag the biggest chips, the redeemable value of the stash is estimated at $10,000, according to Ron Reese, spokesman for The Venetian’s parent company, Las Vegas Sands.

Casinos typically have a second, differently styled set of chips that can be put into circulation after a theft, Markling said. That way, someone trying to play with stolen chips would stand out.

akingide cole venetian robber heist casino chips

And to make it even harder for the robber Akingide Cole is described as having “a distinctive fibrous growth on his left earlobe”

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