Viktor “NLHE+2 cards” Bloms blog reply to Phil “HUNL+2 cards” Galfond

Phil Galfonds blog posts are always entertaining, thoughtful and a great insight into how he operates and what his poker world is like. Now Galfond has written about the world of Viktor Blom as Galfond and perhaps a few others see it. And Viktor “NLHE+2 cards” Blom has replied. So its great poker news.

We had noticed Phil Galfonds recent downturn in blog posts and had wondered that his next one was about coming out due. It was worth the wait as Galfond explains, informs and educates us about both of them at the same time.

A few quotes are below but you must read the full Phil Galfond post Viktor Blom: The Man, The Myth, The Legend

It was the first time in my life that I felt like a fan watching the big online games. I couldn’t wait to grab my front row seat and watch the spectacle.

Even while he was making so many mistakes, many signs of his poker intelligence leaked through. It’s hard to explain what specifically I mean, or how I could tell, but just trust me. I could tell that I was playing with an incredibly smart person.

Viktor emanates happiness and kindness from the moment you meet him. He’s one of those guys that you can instantly tell is a truly nice and genuine good person. His happy-go-lucky demeanor makes it very hard not to smile, and it seems like he goes through life just having fun.

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Viktor Bloms blog about Phil “HS NLHE+2 cards” Galfond

Perhaps the prize for 2012’s most funny poker phrases and lines has already been won by jjjjudas in his thread Viktor Blom blog post about Phil Galfond on the poker twoplustwo forum. Some hate it and some love it.

Viktor Blom The Man, The Myth, The Legend

If you play or follow online poker, just seeing the name “OMGClayAiken″ evokes a strong emotional ‘what a closet bumhunting nit’ response. He first became known for being Daniel Negreanu’s suspected love child, as well as being Tom Dwan’s BFF, but also for dominating HS NLHE+2 cards after grinding his roll up with strict bankroll management and never taking shots.

I swung up and down, creating some amazing action for the fanboys. It was the first time in my life that I felt like I didn’t give a **** about the money, I just wanted to own these FTP conmen. I couldn’t wait to grab my seat and destroy these nits but I didn’t have furniture in those days, my entire roll was on FT so I just played on the floor.

I focused on HU NLHE but once I built up my bankroll, most of it from the overrated Dwan, I started taking on opponents at HUNL+2 cards, a game which was like No limit except it was Pot Limit-which was basically the same thing and I got 2 extra cards. The damage I was doing to these fools with 2 cards, with 4 cards the possibilities were endless. Unfortunately for the fanboys, I ran ridiculously below EV in many of these games. EV is a term the nits use, so I thought I would add it in, I think it stands for easy value.


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