Week Ahead: Titan #Poker

As Titan Poker have just won an award for ‘Best Poker Customer Service’ for the third year in a row – a quality that should be more highly valued than it currently is by a lot of people – we are this week bringing you all that this iPoker skin has to offer.

When we say this iPoker skin we actually mean the iPoker skin as Titan is the biggest operator on the network, and indeed is part owned by the network. This, in conjunction with the awards for customer service, should give you confidence that your funds are safe with this company.

We cannot dispute that Titan customer support is good but the omni-presence of their service staff can occasionally be over the top. Excuse the pun but if you know your way around a poker site sign-up process, and iPoker sign-ups in particular, you may well clash with the Titans.

For new players it’s probably great that a member of staff pops up to say hi, and they will do fairly soon as you’ll hopefully see, but for more experienced players it may not take long for your wrath to build up. Either way the attention can be quite nice to start with and a few bones might get thrown your way as an incentive to deposit.

New players

200% Welcome Bonus up to $2,000
4 x $2,500 New Depositor Freerolls
6 x $25 Daily Booster Freerolls
$3,000 Beginner Races
Assistants often offer greater rewards on top of this

Cash game players

VIP Bonuses – exchange cash for points
$5,000 Gladiator Race for Titanium and Diamond VIPs
Lord Of The Grind – Opt-In promo similar to Iron Man
$8,000 Titan Turbo 4 day rake races

S&G players

Progressive Jackpot Sit & Go

MTT players

Weekly $200K


Fredrik ‘Mr Popping’ Gustafsson – pops all around the world for his job helping to run easily the largest online poker network in Europe. He is the Mr Fraud and Security of said network – so if your name is not down on the list you are not coming in. And if it is on another list you are not coming in. When he is not Popping all over the place for work he likes nothing better than a good bit of Popping in his spare time.

  • pissed off Pete

    overbearing and not being able to take the hint are the way i would describe titans customer help. it pops up and they do not leave you alone. i kept telling them i would leave the site if they did not leave me alone ffs. i had to leave as i could not take them any more. its a shame but they were tilting me.