Who’s the Poker Daddy now?

Being the Poker Daddy of a table is great, even just having a lot of cash or tournament chips is great. But being the Poker Daddy this hand does not mean you will still be the Poker Daddy in a few minutes.

The other day I got 2 straight flushes in 2 consecutive hands using both my hole cards. I guess its not that special and others can easily beat that but I had never hit 2 in a row before.

Then the very next hand I was 96.06 ahead on the flop (with only 2 pair so it shows how bad the flop was for the other player) and of course lost the hand when he could not fold his nothing.

These smaller poker combos can deal a body blow to your opponents but athe full poker combo can show you who the Daddy really is.


Where’s your tool?

It reminded me that although I think I have seen everything in this poker world I am still only a starter when it comes to combinations of hands. And it is surviving the combo’s that real poker winners or lucky players can somehow do.

The poker battle is not always about what has previously happened and your bankroll at the table but if you can survive pokers combination body blows, jabs and feints and get off the table alive and with some money. You can be the table Daddy all you like for 99% of that poker fight at the table but if you lose that vital hand and they stack you then it makes no difference. If they are now the Daddy with your chips its all been a waste of time.


Zak ‘PenFold’ Vella – Our expert of all things Maltese and Italian. One of the main people responsible for opening up the Italian market and bringing the joys of Enetpoker Network to the rest of the world. For which one day Zak will be knighted. Also known in the Content writing business as ‘Mr Google Translate’ as he can speak and write in more languages than it can.